elito instantaneous water heater for household,
business and practice

shower facilities

elito is an energy-saving instantaneous water heater that only uses power when hot water is needed.

The elito instantaneous water heater helps you save water and power while lowering
your costs. With your elito, you have a small unit capable of great performance.
Itīs advantages are sure to convince you:

no heating-up time; a mixing battery for cold and hot water; complete interchange of
energy into water heat; low purchase price; low operating costs; no calcification;
well-desingned models; easy assembly .....

All models come complete with fittings

Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 65 (H x W x D )

MBD / 4 Instantaneous water heater with mixing tap, metal shower hose,
sprayhead and a wall support
MBD /4c As MBD / 4, with extension pipes, riserrail with joint and wall fixture
MBD / 6 Instantaneous water heater with mixing tap, switching valve, diffuser, swivel spout, metal shower hose, sprayhead with wall support
MBD / 6c As MBD / 6c, with riser rail with joint, extension pipes and wall-fixture